About M&A Design Group Inc.

Our boutique full-service design agency creates innovative, functional design and construction solutions fully aligned with your brand. Our diverse portfolio includes interior architecture, layout, and design that improve traffic flow, increase brand exposure, and build customers relationships.

We’re proud to bring disruption to the everyday through our design and construction solutions to jumpstart creativity and spark imagination that keeps your business moving forward, while still staying within the bounds of your brand values.

M&A Design Group provides end-to-end design and construction support for every public, private, and production area of your commercial space, all under one roof, and with a client experience that always puts your needs first.

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Retail Spaces

Creative, functional, and disruptive designs that amplify your brand and build strong connections with your customers

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Design solutions for offices, meeting rooms, and production areas that foster client relationships and agile workforce collaboration

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Lobbies and Common Areas

Customized designs that add value and visual appeal for both residential and commercial properties

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Residential Design and Construction

Creating a home to express you above your expectations.

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