Lobbies & Common Areas Design and Construction

Timeless designs that deliver a warmer welcome, every time

Stunning lobby designs for office buildings

Property managers with office space to rent understand that first impressions are everything, and recognize the importance of effective lobby design. That’s why M&A Design Group provides stunning lobby design and construction solutions to enhance your building’s unique characteristics, attract prospective tenants, and increase property value.

Our solutions are space efficient, charming, and practical, and provide an unspoken invitation to clients and guests for a remarkable entry experience.

Residential lobbies for elevated living

Condos, co-ops, and apartment buildings also need attractive and functional lobbies to enhance tenant comfort, safety, and security. Our design and construction solutions can help create a tight-knit community of long-term tenants who will proudly welcome family and friends into your building.

We have a lobby design and build solution that covers all your aesthetic, functional, and security requirements.

Uplifting elevator design

You may only spend a few seconds in an elevator, but its design can set the tone for clients, visitors, and guests visiting your building. We’ll help you create a great elevator experience with designs that incorporate customized panel specifications, high-quality finishes, warm lighting, ample security, innovative technology, and more.

Whether you own a residential property, office tower, hotel, or any structure where elegant elevator design is paramount, we can help.

Warm, inviting common areas

People who use your building’s common areas, such as gyms, libraries, and lounges, often have different design tastes and ideas on how the space should be used. Our design and construction solutions for these areas combine simplicity and elegance for broad appeal to your tenants and guests. We can also build stunning hallways, corridors, and stairwells that enhance the overall ambience of your property.

Whether people are spending a lot of time in your common areas, or simply passing through, our exceptional design and construction solutions will bring added class to their experience.

Construction projects built to last

Our team of licensed contractors specializes in to-spec construction, no matter how detailed or complex your project requirements are. We handle every aspect of your build, including demolition of existing structures, framing, steel detailing, utilities installation, and more.

We also focus on prioritizing the use of sustainable materials in our construction projects, while maintaining the quality and durability you need for buildings designed to last for generations.

A true partner in design success

With M&A Design Group, you’ll have our support at every step of the design, installation, and construction process. We believe in fostering strong relationships with our clients through open communication, full collaboration, and timely responses to your queries. Our onsite project managers ensure that everything is proceeding on schedule and to address any or your questions or concerns.

Our boutique design and construction company was built to provide exceptional client service that focuses completely on your needs. It’s a philosophy we’re proud to live by with every new project.